When all of the bot’s usage sessions are exhausted

The bot session getting exhausted every 2 minutes and user is not able to continue his chat, when user Continue asking any valid questions for 2 minutes this related standard response (Sorry, I am unable to respond to your queries at this moment. You may retry after some time or reach out to our contact center for more help.) is coming so is there any solution to change the bot session time? I am facing this issue after kore.ai platform updated it’s features. I am using free account. Please provide solution.

Hello @k.tummalacharla ,

The default session time out is 5 minutes, so the error you are observing shouldn’t be due to that. Please share the error screenshot for clear understanding of the issue.

Hello @k.tummalacharla ,

We have introduced the Free Forever plan now. If you are a free user/using a free account, your bot should have been migrated to a free forever plan. This plan will refresh the usage limit with 5000 requests per month. Each utterance entered by the end-user is counted. There is a rate limit appliable 20 requests/min.

The documentation will be updated very soon with the details. You can also check the available limit in Manage section, Plan & Usage .

You can upgrade to any other plan available by clicking Choose plan and select the desired subscription.

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Thank you, pay-as-you-go option will help me in this scenario then.