Web/ Mobile SDK context not available in Widget SDK when bot are deployed

I have published a bot with Bot Web and Widget SDK channels.

The widget I made runs a dialog task, which sets and uses some BotUserSession Data.

In the development Environment the widget and the Web are using the same BotUserSession data. But in the website where the Bot is published, the Bot User Session Data that is set in Widget is not available to the Web and Vice Versa.

What could be the error? Thank you in advance.

Hello @rahul ,

Can you let us know if you are on an premise environment or are you using cloud, since you mentioned development environment behavior is different from published environment.

The Bot Definition is Published to “Kore.ai” Cloud. However the Widget and Web SDK are deployed on premise and integrated into our Office 365 Sharepoint Infrastructure.

Also,we were able to test that the BotContext and EnterpriseContext are shared/ available across both Widget and Web SDK. The problem arises only with UserSession and BotUserSession.

Is there a configuration change that needs to be changed for the UserSession and BotUserSession to be available across Widget and Web SDK.

Hello Rahul,

This kind of problem might occurs if two different jwt tokens are generated and used one for Widgets and one of chat SDK. Check the current configuration and try using same JWT token.