Unexpected english conversation in italian SDK bot

I am implementing a bot solely in italian language. When a dummy random text is given as input to a bot it gives message in English " I dont know what you want me to do.". This happens only during the start of the bot. How to get message in English?
This happens only in web integration and not in kore.ai

i am calling default message

please help me in this

When you try the same scenario in bot-builder what do you see?
“I dont know what you want me to do” usually is a standard response. Please see if there is any Italian translation available for this.
Be careful when you edit a standard response. Once edited, standard response cannot be reverted to factory reset behavior. Read more at https://developer.kore.ai/docs/bots/bot-intelligence/default-dialog/#Add_Edit_Responses in case you need to edit standard response.

yes @swagata.sengupta i have edited the standard response as it used to give the list of FAQ’s. In bot builder i get the output as required. I have searched for that message in every way possible. In knowledge graph, in dialog nodes in other conversations . This message does not come in bot builder. Its just in the web

hi can i please get solution for this? i am unable to proceed further

Hi @swagata.sengupta

I am also getting the same issue.
“I dont know what you want me to do”
This response is coming only in bot sdk. I am not getting this response in bot builder.
I checked this response in all files of bot sdk. But it is not there.

This is the screenshot of bot sdk on browser:

This is the screenshot of bot builder:

I checked about it in standard responses also. But I am unable to find this.

For testing point of view, if I check response for help which is defined in Standard Responses

I am not getting its defined standard response. (Aiuto is Italian translation of help).
Screenshot of Bot sdk on browser:

Screenshot of bot-builder:

Please help on this.


It is difficult to test the scenario unless we have access to your bot.
Can you please create a support ticket using the email id of customer/ client organisation (else, for unknown organisation ticket will be auto-closed)?

We will need:

  1. Bot export
  2. Mention the URL of this community post
  3. AND the below details(for your current bot since we do not have access to it)
    botOptions.userIdentity = 'a@b.com';// Provide users email id here
    botOptions.botInfo = { name: "<Name>", "_id": "st-xxxxxxxxxxxx4a0cde8a1" }; // bot name is case sensitive
    botOptions.clientId = "cs-exxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1";
    botOptions.clientSecret = "z5OixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPryy0=";