Unable to create a Table View

My requirement is as follows.
I want to create a table view(MobileNumberView) from a single table(userbookinginformationtable), where i need to display all the information corresponding to a mobile number of a user from the data table(userbookinginformationtable) .As columns in output should be displayed should be of syntax as tablename.columnname1,tablename.columnname2…tablename.columnnamen.So in my case this is as follows.
userbookinginformationtable.Name,userbookinginformationtable.Contact_Number,userbookinginformationtable.Boarding_City,userbookinginformationtable.Destination_City,userbookinginformationtable.Email_ID (as seen in the attachment)
as it should satisfy the condition that mobile number(Contact_Number) that is entered by the user as input (You can refer below attachment).

But it is not creating and prompting the error (as in the screen shot) as “Maximum allowed length for view description exceeded. Please limit view description to 100 characters. Although i limited the number of columns to be displayed ,still it is prompting for error as in the attachment.

Any suggestions would be greatly helpful…Thanks

Hello @saketh.marru ,

The error message is not related to the columns selected but the Description you provided in the first screen.

The text “This view is to display all the information corresponding to a mobile number of a user from the data table” is of 106 characters which exceeds the limit of 100. Reduce the sentence to 100 character or lower and it should work.

Sorry for the confusion. We will work with our documentation team to mention this as part of our developer documentation.

What i felt is that , rather then working with documentation team, i think you can ask your product team to have validation error prompt before entering in to second screen, i.e on the first screen itself ,because some one like me might perceive description as columns itself, as there is no other option in the screen to consider. …Thanks

That seems like a good idea too. We will discuss this internally.