type ahead/autocomplete hint to user based on first few words in utterance

Can we have a type ahead hints feature to improve user experience with the Bot?
For example, if the user types : “Show me”, few hints automatically are displayed like :
Show me my account balance
Show me my last 10 transactions

The engine can use the conversation session context to fine tune the hints further to be more relevant.

This feature would be a great help in controlling the BOT’s utterance inputs; improve user experience and reduce the ‘intent not found’ cases

We took a note of your suggestion. We would need to see similar requests coming from a broader set of users to take this to product management and prioritize.
Just to let you know - A conversational bot and a search utility are different. While auto-complete makes sense for search utility, for a conversational bot, based on user utterance the bot may perform certain actions, it is not always like the user will try to find something like FAQ.