ServiceNow Integration

How configuration setting needs to be done.

  1. You must create an app in service now providing required scope
  2. Depending upon the type of requirement, configure appropriate authorization profile in Settings->API extension…ie oAuth, Basic-auth etc.
  3. Now go ahead and use respective api in service nodes with related authrosation profile created

ok i have created the service now basic auth but now as the incident no is created i am not able to print that through a message node . {{context.NODENAME.response.body.number}}
Please help asap

Hi @renisweta1094,

Apologies for delayed response.

Could you able to share the response of that service call which you can see in debug log while executing bot builder or by clicking ‘test’ button on service call

please elaborate on authorization URL in basic auth formatted as https://{tenant}.service-now/api/now/table/incident as i have got the api key from clients and can i use that key here
Help out asap.

Hi @renisweta1094,

We request you to check the following post:

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