Restricting entity prompt to come multiple time after wrong input


I wanted to check is there a way to restrict the entity to prompt multiple time after user gives wrong or unacceptable input.
In the screenshot Phone number is being asked as an entity and user gives some series of wrong format input like ‘no’ , ‘tt’, ‘rrr’ or some other text then it stays in the loop so I want to break this loop. Can I use some counter variable or something similar to track number of wrong input and based on that end the conversation.

If user gives numerical data with any number of digits then only I am able to validate the input with existing database. In my case entity type is phone number therefore shouldn’t it check for 10 digits automatically?

How to customize error message if the user enters text data as an input instead of numbers.

Kindly let me know of the solution.

I really appreciate the help.

Thanks and regards,

Hi @poonam,

Please refer to the following post that has a similar use-case and let us know if you need any further clarification.

Yoga Ramya