Recommended Steps to create an ontology based knowledge graph Knowledge Task uses a combination of machine learning techniques and knowledge graph that helps you turn your static FAQ text into intelligent, personalized conversational experience. It goes beyond the usual practice of capturing FAQs in the form of flat question-answer pairs. Instead, the Knowledge Graph enables you to create an ontological structure of key domain terms and associate them with context-specific questions and their alternatives, synonyms, and Machine learning-enabled classes.

Follow these steps to build and training a Knowledge Graph:

  1. Identify terms by grouping the unique words in each FAQ question.
  2. Build an ontology based on the all such unique words.
  3. Define synonyms each term in the ontology. Ensure that all the different ways to call the term are defined.
  4. Depending on the importance of each in a path, mark them as either mandatory or regular.
  5. Define alternative questions for each FAQ to ensure better coverage.
  6. Associate classes to terms to filter based on multiple identified results.
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