Recognizing Adverse Events in Kore.AI

Is there any way to identify an adverse event between the conversation.Actually we are building a Medical Bot where we want to identify certain critical scenario eg:“I have an allergic reaction from XYZ tablet” where we can easily identify the adverse event called “allergy” will be recognized.

Yes, you can configure triggers based on traits present in user utterances. In the example you quoted, I see ‘allergy’ as a trait.

Please refer to the below topic on our developer documentation to get more insights on using traits.


Thank you for the above solution.I am able to trigger the event based on traits, but can I get all the conversation where the trait was detected?

A trait should be part of the bot context data. I’d suggest you apply a meta tag (Keep the trait as a tag at session/ message level ) to make it a part of conversation data.

Now query the conversation history API. The response of this API should include the details of user/ session and message level tags.

Please visit the below link for more details: