PII redaction usecases

Problem statement:
Can we make conditional transitions using the redacted data?
How do we use the original value of the redacted value while making service calls?


Kore.ai allows you to redact any sensitive information that users share with your bots. When you enable redaction for an information type, you can transform its value into a pattern that doesn’t contain comprehensible data.

You can learn more on enabling redaction from here.

Using the redacted value for conditional transitions:

Consider, we have an entity node of type “email” that accepts “emailId” as input. And depending on the emailId, we would like to make transitions to other nodes.
In the PII settings, we have enabled redaction to the Email type.

Now, when the user enters the emailId in the chat box, it is redacted and shows the redacted value in the chat window.
Internally for making conditional transitions and using the input value in script, the original input value is considered.

Using the redacted value for CRUD operations:

Ideally, in the bot conversation flow, we would be integrating respective API’s in Service node to manage CRUD operations with data.

When you are using the redaction enabled data in the service node, you will have a provision to select whether the original value needs to be used or the redacted value.

Yoga Ramya.

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