Messenger channel webhook failing suddenly

Hi guys i have created one bot and integrated it with facebook it was working for 10 days and suddenly stops working. and when i check on my account under the recent webhook error it is showing 400 bad request response as ss attached below.

in the alert section it is showing your webhook failing also bot is not responding on messenger please help.

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For the bot you have issue with, do you see any errors in the bot Analysis section. If so, please share.
Also, ensure that the authorization is not failing.

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if you see in the metrics bot was successfully identified all task till 9 march 2022 from messenger channel and suddenly it stops receiving webhook call from facebook. because when i check in the intent not foung section it is showing nothing for messenger channel. Actually this a pretty big problem i am working with large company which use kore bots in their solution we have 3 bots there integrated with messenger suddenly stops working like this. i have made this bot on cloud as a dummy bot and it stops working after some days.

it will be really helpful if one of the employee from came in call with me


  1. How many channels are there in your bot?
  2. Is the bot not responding ONLY on the FB channel?
  3. Is the bot under a free forever plan or on a paid plan? Please check this out - Usage Plans - Documentation Under manage plans please see if you have consumed the monthly allowed number of requests/sessions.
  1. bot is integrated only in messenger channel.
  2. yes bot is not responding in fb channel and working fine inside
  3. yes bot is under free forever plan but i have more than 4000+ request.
  4. i am getting the same issue in on premise bots also.

Hello @hasanali50923 ,

Our team is reviewing this issue. We will let you know our findings at the earliest.