Integration with Skype for Business

Hi Team,

I have seen following note on Microsoft’s docs.
“The Skype for Business Bot Framework channel is in Developer Preview and is not licensed for production usage. This channel will not be supported after 6/30/2019. As part of Microsoft’s intelligent communications vision, we’re building extensible communications capabilities into Teams.”

I could see all the steps to enable channel in your documentation.

Does Skype for business as a channel in still available? If available will it work properly? I have tried in Microsoft azure account after bot channel registration there was no Skype for business channel was available.

Please Reply.


Hi Team ,

Please reply.


Hi @ashwini.wannalikar,

We apologize for the delay.
We have discussed this with our engineering team.

As per the statements made by Microsoft in the below links, we infer that these statements effects only Skype for Business online channel.

The channel will be available on the platform for developer integration until the bots integrated in the channel stops responding.

Let us know if you need any further clarification on the above.

Yoga Ramya.