Integration of with External NLP engines for enhanced user experience

Developers could configure the BotKit to integrate with external NLP engines to enhance the user experience.

By collaborating with external NLP engines, developers gain the ability to identify intents and extract entities data from external NLP engines and pass them to platform to solve use cases which were left un-answered by other bot platforms for a very long time.

Below the link to download the Bot Kit:

Steps for installing BotKit have been documented at:

Guidelines for using BotKit:

You can use the BotKit SDK to capture and handle events in the Bots Platform for better control and customization of the bot experience for users. Events supported at BotKit are documented at:

The file exampleWithExternalNLPEngine.js present under BotKit @ BotKit/exampleWithExternalNLPEngine.js at master ยท Koredotcom/BotKit ยท GitHub demonstrates how external NLP engines can be plugged to enhance Bot experience.