How to quickly check if your BotKit is up

Hello all,

Often the developers do not have access to the BotKit server and they are unable to easily check if the BotKit is up or not. While designing the BotKit if you have a route defined for simply checking whether it is up or not, it will help all the developers ensure the BotKit is at least up. You will not need to log on to the botkit server. This technique often helps in troubleshooting.

Inside the ./lib/app/routes.js > loadroutes function introduce another simple route.

This route should simply send back a JSON response for an end-point
example: /checkBotKitUp

Now when you start the BotKit, you should be able to check whether it is up from any browser.

In case it is down, you will see something like this

You may also consider creating a chron-job at your end to keep monitoring this service periodically and raise an alert/ trigger a workflow automatically in case it is down.