How to pass the value form an entitie to a digital form component

Hello is it possible to pass the value that the end user select in a entitie node to a digital form component.

For example, the user has two options in a entitie node (Doctor Meeting, Lab Meeting) then the idea is when the user select one of those, in the digital form to full fill the pacient personal data, already shows a component with the previews entitie selected. (Like a default value) I tried to apply in the form definition task the component with default value like {{context.entities.meeting_type}} hopping that it could pass the value but it doesn’t work. Is this possible?


Hi @daniel,

Apologies for the delay in response.

We have discussed this with our development team and as of now there is no provision to pass the value through a context object to the form fields.

We have even checked with the default value property of the Form field.

This has been raised an enhancement and our development team will take it up in future releases.

We will update you when the feature is available.

Also, we will check with our internal teams if there is any other workaround for your requirement.

Yoga Ramya.

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Hello @yogaramya.mendu, thank you so much for your time and response.

We will be aware for any new features.

Best Regards

Hello @yogaramya.mendu

Is this already possible?