How to come back to the bot after agent transfer and invoke an intent automatically

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Problem statement: After the chat with an agent is over, how to get the control back to the bot and invoke a specific intent?

Out of scope: This is just a sample implementation and does not guarantee to work with a multi-instance botkit setup. This needs botkit implementation and does not cover any no-code solution.


Assume you have a task that triggers agent transfer. And there is a task to trigger when the control is returned to the bot.

Normally for closing an agent session you will be doing something like this.


Along with a close agent session, you will need to pass on the information to the platform that which task needs to be invoked at agent transfer.

sdk.clearAgentSession(data, function(){
data.message = "returnDialogAgentTransfer";
console.log("Attempting to override nlMeta for invoking target intent post agent transfer");
data.metaInfo = {
    'nlMeta': {
    'intent': 'returnDialogAgentTransfer',
    'isRefresh': true
sdk.sendBotMessage(data, callback);
return callback(null, data); 


Credit - @yesu.chiratanagandla

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