Forms in eternal website to pop up

Hi team,

How do i pop up my sample form that i created in a website ( external).
Please help if somebody is knowing the solution.

Thanks so much.

Hello @aditya.singhania ,

Kindly confirm if you want the form create in the bot, to be opened in an external website outside the chat context?

– If that is the requirement, it is not feasible. You will need to be in bot context for accessing forms. Also, the link you get to open a form is a onetime access link, so the same link cannot be used twice.

If the use case is different, please elaborate.

Thanks for the reply.
Can we use the login screen as an iFrame inside my html page so i login to from there and do the stuff from there only?

Hello @aditya.singhania ,

If you want to integrate the Bot builder platform into another website, that is not feasible. The platform is not designed to be used that way. Just trying to understand why is that required? Is there is a business requirement?

However, you can integrate the bot in any website you want using SDK and allow users to access the designed bot flow or from from there.

P.S: The current question is not in line with your original question about external form. We request you to use separate topics if these are different issues/questions. Please respond to my query in the earlier post.