Dynamically checking page info from custom data and searching it in KB

Hi, is it possible to dynamically search KB articles with custom data user context page information ?
For me i have something like this {{context.session.UserContext.customData.pageContext.pageName}}
through this i get the page name, if the page name is projects then i need to search it in the KB and show the response to the user. it would be helpful if you could reply on it.

@mohith.goud we do not respond to in private messages as a policy. Making this a public topic.


You cannot do a selective search only on the KG. The NLP engine tries to match an utterance against ML (Machine Learning) engine, FM (Fundamental Meaning) , KG, Smalltalk. Then scores them and resolves them.
I suggest

  1. Have your tasks and KGs designed to have as less ambiguity as possible
  2. You use the concept ofcontext output and intent precondition in KG for selectively respond.