Custom dashboard for User count and recurring users

I want to create a custom dashboard on the count of users that have had a conversation with the Bot on a daily basis(bot type is anonymous), and also want to know if we can the count or recurring users along with the total count. I would like it to be on a graph with X and Y axis.

-First could you let me know on how to create a dashboard and the metrics to be configured to get the count of users on a daily basis.
-How can we also know the new users that chat with the bot on a daily basis and the recurring users and show them in a custom dashboard.

Hi Akhil,

Here is the link for creating custom dashboard

To know the new users, userId(Analytics) field can be used to identify the unique users.
Custom tags (meta tags) can also be used to retrieve the unique fields present in the context variable. Please refer to the above documentation.

We have different typed of graph charts present under the Data representation of custom dashboard where value are shown on X and Y axis.

Also to know the user, please follow the below procedure.

  1. In the context message which we have, you can use the bot user session which contains an object named “last message”. In this last message you will be able to find the “details of the user” which is used to connect to a session.

  2. This “certain details of the user” can be added as a custom meta tag in the script node. Attached the documentation link for meta tags.

  3. Once the meta tag is present, you can also use it in the metrics tab of the Analyze section or you can use it in the custom dashboard.