Confirmation Node with multiple options for example - Yes, No, Maybe

Is it possible to have other option available for Confirmation Node?
Say for an example, when a question is asked, user can reply with “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe”. I can display these options using QuickReplies template but for some reason Maybe value is not getting saved as context.entities.confirmation.

How can I have Maybe value gets saved in context?

Quick response is appreciated.


Hello @peu.dutta

By default Confirmation node works with Yes/No options only. Hence within the context we only see these detected.

We can manually enter the value of Maybe for context.entities.confirmation. However, its use in the workflow will need to be tested.

Lets say we configured the dialog so that.

Yes- Flow 1
No- Flow 2
Maybe- Flow 3

In flow 3 you want to use the context.entities.confirmation = "Maybe " for the task.

Before we trigger the flow, we can have a message node, or script node have the below code- this will force the value Maybe to the confirmation node.

context.entities.Confiramtion = “Maybe”;

We will see the response as:


Please test and revert to us if needed.

We are not sure of your use case. But please explore the list of values (enumerated list) also with quick reply template.

Thank you for the response.

Yes, noticed that entity with enumerated list can be used but liked the feature of recognizing affirmative and negative sentences of Confirmation node.

For our use case, users are going to be asked a series of questions and then can reply with any of these options “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”, kind of decision tree. Instead of selecting the option user may want to type in their response and bot needs to identify the option specified by the user.

Now my question is can we add the same set of synonyms that are available for Confirmation node affirmative and negative sentences to the Entity node for Yes and No enumerated list? If it is possible then it may be better to use entity node instead of confirmation node.

Hello @peu.dutta,

Yes for each value in Enumerated list we have “DISPLAY NAME”, “VALUE”, “SYNONYMS” . These can be updated as required.


Let us know if this clarifies your question.