Composite Entity Type


I have created an entity called (location) of type composite and to get the value for this location entity is either city, state, country or combination of it.

Based on that I have created three entities of type country as type country, state as custom type and city of type city.

When I am trying to execute following utterances one of the keyword is getting assigned to the location entity.

  1. I want to apply for a job as a fresher, please list down the available jobs.

  2. I am searching for a product manager role, is there any available in your company.

In the first utterance “AS” is getting assigned as city name and while on the second utterance “IN” is getting assigned as state name.

How to handle/avoid this case.

Hello Pavan,

Apologies for the late reply, yes some of the words like AS and IN are defined as the codes for some locations but we can make this work by providing the patterns. Can you share the screenshot of the patterns you used in your location node which is of type composite entity?
The patterns should be a combination of dependent entities rather than defining them separately.
You can refer to the below link for a clear understanding of the patterns for composite entity
if you are still facing the issue, kindly write back to us.