Call knowledge collection from the dialog task

Urgent Requirement

For example i have a flow like:

Bot- Hello Please How can I help you.
User- I have a query;
Bot - Please write your query
User- User provide his query; (From here I want to call the knowledge collection and provide the solution and come come back to the dialog task)
Bot - If the intent is found ,I want the bot to proceed with next menu and no match message if not found


@rajatjain4 Just configure the bot with a **small talk ** / dialog task / an FAQ to respond to user as “Please write your query” when utters “I have a query”.

The rest can be managed by the bot based on the interrupt options you configured at “NLP > Intelligence” section of Bot Builder.

I believe i was unable to explain the scenario

How to KG from dialog task which will have 3 scenarios 1. match 2. No match 3. multiple match.
Based on this I want to have 3 flows intiated if there is a match ,no match and multiple match .
Is this possible in ?