buttons formatting

Is there a possibility to create more than 10 buttons?

As I have used entity to create buttons by opting list of lists (enumerated) but if i have more that 10 options then buttons are not diaplayed on the chatbot.

Help me out!!

@renisweta1094, instead of choosing the option at “Display List Of Values” to “Yes”, set it to “No” and then at user prompt, apply a channel specific override at web/mobile client channel by selecting the button template and passing all elements .

If the display options is set to apply template based on channel at list of items (enumerated), then depending on the number of elements at component payload, the platform would apply an appropriate template so that it wouldn’t effect the performance of the app.

I had a look at the chatwindow.js at web SDK and we have not applied limits on the button templates or quick replies etc. So if you have channel specific override at user prompt, then the elements would be presented to user without limits at the SDK depending on your configuration at the respective template.

I am not able to save it.

Suggestions are always welcomed.

You will atleast need to have one message which can be sent to other channels along with channel specific override message.

Instead of updating the existing user prompt, add a new new bot response with channel as web/mobile client.

Okay got it!

What is the reason behind giving web/Mobile Client as channel and not any other path.

I didn’t quite understand the question? Could you please provide more details?

why to select web/mobile client as a channel and not any other channel

As the channel specific template you were trying to apply is on webSDK, you will need to select web/ mobile client as a channel. For the other channels, the platform would consider the message at “all channels” .
You could have channel specific override based on your need for other channels as well.

Hi @Subrahmanyam do you have an idea on how a telegram specific quick response template should be formatted in order to display on telegram?

@couragek message templates are as supported by channel. Only for Kore web and mobile SDK channel, we have prescribed formats. We recommend you to look into channel specific documentation.

thanks @swagata.sengupta i get that but my request is can you please give an example of how u can structure telegram keyboard options the telegram documentation doesnt highlight how to format that json

We will try to see if we can help you with any template but it could take some time (tentative next week). In the meantime you best chances are with telegram support/ documentation.

Hi @swagata.sengupta hope you are doing fine :slight_smile:

Was there any headway made on this matter since last week?

Im also trying to find a template specific to Telegram and Facebook Messenger to be able to display my button prompts to the users on those channels and havent had any luck.

Hello @linusu I investigated internally and it seems Telegram made heavy changes in API. Previously what was supported is not supported anymore. This is the reason it is not feasible for us to maintain documentation of templates of non-Kore channels.

Apologies but you will need to reach out to Telegram support / other forums for right templates.

Our platform helps you configure channel specific responses so you can have various types of messages/json for various channels (whatever is currently accepted for rendering).

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Can you please help with one channel from Kore AI side where I can test whether or not the JSON(template) im sending to the channel works.

Would you like to test on Kore.ai Web SDK?