Bot triggers the "Lists all actions and FAQs for a bot" standard response for a specific utterances


We have a situation where our bot triggers the “Lists all actions and FAQs for a bot” whenever the word “instruction” is inputted by the user. This only happens when user inputs “instruction” during the middle of a conversation (i.e. when the bot requests an entity and the user enters “instruction”)

For example:

  1. User utters “open account”
  2. Bot asks for “account type entity”
  3. User enters “instructions”
  4. Bot triggers the said standard response and lists all the actions by the bot.
  5. Then asks for the entity input again

But when user utters “instructions” outside of a conversation, the correct dialog task to perform is identified.
Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 8.51.00 PM

Hello @christian.calonge ,

When account type is asked, Bot is waiting for an entity value. The following behavior depends on the entity settings.

In the mentioned usecase, the may be the entity can only take two values and any other utterance is not accepted. Also, it might be a mandatory entity, hence user is prompted for it again.

The expectation is that the input ‘instructions’ is processed for intent detection. If so the settings we need to adjust are -

Under Instance Properties section of the entity node, “Intent Detection” and “Interruption Handling” and “Precedence



Adjust the setting as needed for the desired outcome.

Hi @sameera.tumuluri ,

We have already set the properties provided except Intent detection which according to the documentation, only applies to string and description entity types. This one uses List of items.

I have also tried setting the interruption rules to “Do not allow interruptions”
Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 1.11.20 PM

Hello @christian.calonge ,

In the conversation flow that you shared, the utterance “instructions” is expected to trigger a specific dialog task, - prompts for user input of the three options.

If that is so, we need interruptions to be enabled at the entity level, and precedence to be given to “Intent over entity”.

Let us know if the above changes shows the expected behavior.

HI @sameera.tumuluri

Apologies for the late reply.

The suggestion that you gave worked but it is not the expected behaviour that we need. In this case, we need the user to give the entity able proceed with the task.

When the user enters words with corresponding task aside from ‘Instructions’ (i.e. Transactions), it is behaving correctly. The issue that we are experiencing seems to happen only for the word “instructions” (screenshots attached). And it seems like to happen for any entity.

:white_check_mark: Correct (when user interrupts with ‘transactions’ – it just re-prompts. It does not trigger the ‘List of all actions’ standard response ):

:x: Incorrect (when user interrupts with ‘instructions’ – it triggers the ‘List of all actions’ standard response) and it does not re-prompt for the entity

Also, I managed to replicate the error in a different dialog task. It looks like that it only happens when the entity is on a subdialog.

  • A simple task calling a subtask

  • The subtask only has one entity node

  • executing the dialog task

  • then entering ‘instructions’ while it is prompting for an entity calls the ‘list of all actions’

  • when another word is entered, the behavior is correct – it reprompts for the entity,

Hi @sameera.tumuluri

Can we follow up on our query?
Thank you